Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is It My Fault?

Is it my fault?
That you do not listen
That you make the wrong choices
Is that my fault?
That you sought to kill me
Or you ask the wrong questions
Is it really my fault?

Is it my fault?
That you would rather do nothing
That you prefer an illusion
Is that my fault?
That you think you know me better than I do
That you cling to stale interpretations of wisdom
Is it really my fault?

It is my fault?
That you celebrate my birthday from a previous lifetime
On the day someone else was was born
Is that my fault?
That you give each other presents
And often forget me on this holiday
Is it really my fault?

Is it my fault?
That you keep repeating the same lie
Because it made some sense, some time ago
Is that my fault?
That you are better at doubting than believing
Proficient at making excuses
Is it really my fault?

Is it my fault?
You are so hostile, sarcastic and defiant
Hold onto conclusions that suit your model
Is that my fault?
That you decided against me
When I told you time would run out
Is it really my fault?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three Armenian Pigs

Three Armenian Pigs, three Armenian pigs,
See how they run, see how they run,
Their father knew who killed O.J.'s wife,
They enhanced their looks with a surgeon's knife,
Did you ever see such a
glamorous life,
three Armenian pigs?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lest I forget Caroline Cat Girl...

composed August 21, 2010

At last, I found Caroline Cat Girl
As striking as a necklace of fine pearl
I helped her when she lost her wallet
Just being friendly is what I would call it
Did she notice there was something about me?
That I drank coffee but not tea
She is beautifully mysterious these days
In her mysteriously beautiful ways
She comes into town once a while
She has the tell-tale wedge-mouth smile
She attracts so much attention
From the cat boys I will not mention
She pleases us like a flower in full bloom
Your boyfriend is in the same room!
She types feverishly on her laptop
I wonder what she can do with a lollipop
She talks to her family on her cellphone
Verily she will reap what she has sewn
Her wit can cut like a knife
She told him wolf pairs will mate for life
I can see her perky tits and firm butt
Want to eat her glazed doughnut
Caroline, you would break my life into pieces
Is that what you have planned for Jesus?

Well you should see Caroline Cat
She's so good looking when she stares at me like that
Well you should see her in bed
I know that I am not dead
Yes you should see Caroline Cat

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Get a dose of her in sandals and blouse
She knows the lion is nothing like a mouse
She's the kind of a girl
That makes your irises swirl
Yes you could say she was attractively built

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Sunday, December 12, 2010

From my tricorder...

composed on August 7, 2010
Infrared was cool
But Bluetooth has replaced it
Can you see me now?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Heard This One Before?

from June 18, 2010

Jesus Krishna sat on a wall.
Jesus Krishna had a great fall.
And no one cared.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deafening Silence

from April 30, 2010

I said I would command God's Finger
And there would not be a sound
And when it came down out of the sky
All I heard was a deafening silence
Just before that
Muhammad arrived
As I said he would
To watch the parade that floated by
A prophesy as bold as any that has been told
And when I bowed toward him
He responded with a deafening silence
Five months later when I put my Dad in his place
As I predicted I would
His irises instantly changed color
Without resorting to a taser
He glared back at me with a deafening silence
When I awoke from the dream
With the dot on my cheek
I remember
My sister in the doorway and her maniacal stare
Her response to my story
Was a deafening silence
Talking about my car at
Coit Tower's lookout
I sensed someone behind me
The ugly version of Imelda Marcos
A shape-shifter
And a lunatic
Just like my sister
The most disgusting thing on two legs
Was recording me with a Treo phone
Chewing on something with a disdainful glare
When I looked back and mimicked her grimace
She walked off
In a deafening silence
Twice and again in the hallway
The curse showed up
Each time I spoke she was frozen in place
Enveloped in a deafening Silence
You jabbed me in the ribs when I wanted to talk
And looked at me in a deafening silence
Christmas time
A party for the residents
We stared at each other in a deafening silence
“It's nice” you said and
I replied “Good!”
And I awaited your next line
You shook as though your life was about to end
I wondered why in our deafening silence
You found me below the ballerina clown
What could I say?
I had seen you before
I talked about the magnetic attraction of the car
We shook hands
In a deafening silence
I know you tried to cook me alive
When I finally emerged
The cameras caught me accuse with my stare
Your response deafening and silent
I blew you a kiss and you ran past and around
I thought you would say something
Because you are so good with words
But all I heard was a deafening silence
I motioned you over from my balcony
I waited in the coffee shop
So close and yet so far away
Is that all I get?
A Deafening Silence?
God is still talking to us?
Do you know what He said?
Why is it then
When I came to see the solid versions
Of the decade old pictures
You waddled away
Deafening. Silent.
While eating chips and salsa
I thought you looked familiar
You leaned toward me
I think that meant something
But all I could hear
Was a deafening silence
Flash bulbs popping
In the ritzy esplanade
I had to ask someone whom they had seen
You call that an offer?
Was that just a joke?
Without saying a word
I cannot interpret
Your deafening silence
Did you want to say something?
You certainly caught my eye
Anyone can talk to anyone else
In that public place
What your stare meant
I still have no idea
Could someone please translate
The deafening silence?
Call me if you can go
But you made other plans
You had transformed into my wife
Then divorced me the very next day
Of course I got mad
You hardly know me
So I left you there in your deafening silence
Your dog seemed to like me
And you didn't even know about
My history with dogs
You looked so cute
Sitting on the floor
With your unbroken look and deafening silence
More than your brother
More than your buddy
I could tell you get it
As you nodded at me in the deafening silence
It bit me on the thigh
Swelled and deflated
Then ceased to exist
In the Southern twilight
Your words changed by themselves
Words and strokes
Added and removed
But the rest of the world seemed not to notice
They see me
Completely unaware
All their responses are deafening and silent
They took me away without a warning and
Without a greeting
While I slept and was vulnerable
Such cowardice from a superior force
You cannot meet me on an even field?
Why could you not converse with me?
Is that advanced?
You are a deafening silence
You minister to me
Quote what you think I said
To me when, in fact
I came here
To Save
To Minister
To Protect
All of you
Did I prove you right?
Am I proving you wrong?
Heed these words and
Take them to heart
When I read the charges
Present the evidence
Announce the verdict
And prepare to execute your sentence
It would be best
If the only thing that you do
Is to remain